You are in the city of Ptolus…

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It began simply, as so many things do: keep one man, Dacan Mool the merchant lord alive through the night as he attends a ball in the Noble Quarter. You were hired swords, bodyguards in disguise. It meant dressing up for the ball, even a little dancing…but don’t forget, you had to leave your weapons behind. You couldn’t get through the door of House Shever with anything you couldn’t easily hide inside your clothes.

That night was the first step down the path to a new destiny for all of you. And though the path began in a pool of warm blood, for you failed utterly to keep Mool from death, you met the Sisters of Silence that night, and more importantly, you met one Sister that was different from all the others, Anais. Anais took you and put new weapons in your hands, and she pointed you toward the path to Justice, and she asked you to walk it with her.

All of you chose to take that path, to embrace a dangerous destiny that would lead you to death’s door and back again many times, and now you serve Justice and bring light to the dark and gritty streets of the city, you are—the Avengers of Ptolus.

Tie Me Up

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