Tie Me Up

Session 5: Reborn as Avengers

Left in the Temple of Delights banquet hall, the adventurers had to fight their way through a mob of vampire spawn to get out of the room alive. Fortunately for them, they had the assistance of an armor-clad tiefling that crashed through the windows and joined the fight at their sides. After dispatching the vampires, the party questioned and then greeted Caelvard the Paladin of Bahamut. Exiting the banquet hall, they came upon an Orc guarding a delicious apple and blackberry pie. Naesair could not resist, and dragged the party over to attempt to convince the Orc to give them the pie. This, however, did not go well (despite juggling of Paladins & tales of famous historical Orc pie-guarding incidents), and amid much Orc yelling, the party left the temple.

Giving the information to Singriosh, the party found out that they were to meet Anais after sunset at the ruined temple in North Market. After a rest and a bit of a whine at the Ghostly Minstrel, the party made it’s way to the ruined temple. Though unsure at first of the party’s commitment to the cause of justice, she accepted their oaths and bade them become the silent hands of the Sisters, meting out justice to those in the city whom Sisters could not. Anais told them there would be many hard days ahead for them, but that they would be aided in their tasks. To this end, she presented each member of the party with a weapon specially designed for them and then told them to find Ilthumar Shon at the Bull & Bear Armory on the morrow.

The next day they could not meet up with Ilthumar until evening, and he gave them a note, urging them to save someone named Phon Quartermain, and to hurry up about it. Phon, said Ilthumar, who hadn’t read the note, was a girl who worked as a seamstress at Saches clothiers. The party finally met up with Phon as she was being attacked by two ruffians and a dark elf in an alley not far from her home. Her attackers attempted to flee, but the dark elf was killed by the party, and on her body was found a cryptic note about a meeting at a warehouse the next day.

After questioning Phon, they found out only that she was pregnant, tired, and scared, and that she wanted to go home. She would offer up no further information and closed her door to them. On reflection, the party thought it prudent to keep a watch on her home in case the ruffians returned to harm her. While Caelvard and Naesair reconnoitered the rear of the row house, Kolskar and Kai’Ya found that one of the row houses across the street was empty. They broke in and took over the house for the night, taking turns at watch from the window on the second story. About 2 in the morning, two dark figures appeared on the street near Phon’s house. At the same time, figures on ropes appeared on the roof, and before they could move, a loud bang and flash startled the party…



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