Tie Me Up

Session 10: In the Bloodreavers' Den

Joy and sadness mixed, as the party came back together and Naesair was discovered safe in the tunnels, though he bore the unfortunate news that the party’s guide, Rendil, had died in the cave-in. Malachi agreed to step into the role of navigator for the group, and in a short time delivered them to the Bloodreaver’s front door. When they arrived at the door they were astonished to find Kai’Ya had mysteriously disappeared. A quick search found no sign of him, and the party had no choice but to return to their appointed task and send out a message rat to contact Kai’Ya. Once inside the Bloodreaver’s den, Mundo found a water-filled tunnel into an adjacent room. This route was not explored further because Naesair decided to explore the balcony. After some unfortunate bird-calls, Naesair was captured by a group of human and goblin Bloodreavers. The others managed to escape capture.

On Malachi’s advice, rather than rush into a room full of enemies ready to fight, Caelvard agreed to pretend to be a slaver wanting to sell Mundo and Malachi to the Bloodreavers. To his own astonishment, Caelvard was an accomplished bluffer and fooled Krand, the leader of the Bloodreavers, even convincing Krand to sell Naesair back to him. Unfortunately, Mundo took this opportunity to turn into a dire badger and was netted and almost beheaded by the Bloodreavers. Caelvard, however, managed to keep his head and talk Krand down. In the end, the party left the room poorer by 500 gold and their navigator, whom they were forced to leave behind to a life of slavery.

Unable to live with this unhappy turn of events, the party hid in the corridors and lured the Bloodreavers out a few at a time to their deaths. When they returned to the main hall, they found the slaves and Krand gone, and only a group of goblins and dire wolves there to greet them. After dealing harshly with the fiends, Mundo sniffed out a secret passage in the back of the room. After some further detective work, the adventurers found themselves back in the tunnel facing down Krand and his helpers who were leading Malachi and the other slaves away. Krand, though a fierce knife fighter, gave up at the first sign of his own blood being spilled and fled away down the tunnel. Malachi was so greatful for their help that he made Caelvard a gift of his fabulous hat.

The adventurers took the former slaves to freedom and a night of rest in the Seven Pillared Hall, where they also found a very inebriated Kai’Ya. The all decided to rest for the night and then head to Kolskar’s house in the morning.



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