Tie Me Up

Session 11: Waspberry and Blue-Tears

The party left the Undercity and arrived in Delver’s Square, dragging poor, stumbling Kai’Ya with them. At Kolskar’s residence, they found a note stuck to the door from Kolskar himself, informing the party that he was sure someone was out to get him and that he had decided to flee Ptolus. Oh, and he also took an extra 100 gold from each of the party members’ stashes in his safe.

Meanwhile, Kai’Ya collapsed on the street outside and vomited. Malachi, sensing something not right about the dragonborn, examined him and discovered that he was not drunk at all, but had been poisoned by waspberry! The navigator informed the party that the only antidote for this poison is blue-tears, a by-product of shivel production. He told them of the three places he knew of that might be able to provide them with blue-tears: Hadrien Runihan, the Den of the Eight Shadows, and Kevril Killraven’s associate, the Stinkman. Upon closer examination, Malachi decided that Kai’Ya was in the advanced stages of the poisoning, and after another 18 hours would either perish…or worse, become horribly disfigured

Leaving Kai’Ya in the care of Malachi’s friend Abelard, the adventurers sought out Hadrien Runihan in the Temple of Delights. The priest they had previously met there had been replaced by a sniveling, blubber-lipped fellow. He did, however, give them an audience with Hadrien. Hadrien found their plight amusing, but offered them a deal: kill Hadrien’s rival the Stinkman and he would give them a vial of the antidote. The party, not being assassins, would make no promise, but did agree to at least visit the Stinkman’s premises near the Necropolis.

At the Stinkman’s keep, they had to overcome several traps to win audience with the keep’s master. This they did, and the Stinkman made them a counteroffer to Hadrien’s: burn down a warehouse owned by Hadrien at the docks and Stinkman would give them a vial of blue-tears. This they agreed to, though again making no promises since they didn’t know the contents of the warehouse.

At the docks, Caelvard and Naesair bluffed their way inside the warehouse while Malachi and Mundo skulked about on the roof. Relieved of their weapons, and without assertaining the contents of the warehouse, other than it held a dozen or so large oblong boxes, they did manage to get out alive. At this point, the party decided to burn down the warehouse, which they did with glee.

Back at the Stinkman’s Keep, they were given the blue-tears, but not before the Stinkman chilled their hearts and made them possibly regret their haste by asking them, “And the dwarves? What about the dwarves?” When the party stumbled for an answer, the Stinkman closed the door on them and left them to hurry back to Kolskar’s abode, which they did with heavy hearts.

Malachi administered the antidote to Kai’Ya, and after a few hours he opened his eyes and told his friends that he felt terrible and that his foot felt strange. Upon looking in his left boot, Kai’Ya let out a blood-curdling scream…



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