Tie Me Up

Session 12: The Necropolis

Kai’Ya decided to play a little joke on the party by pretending that his foot had been disfigured by the poison. Despite being a little groggy, however, Kai’Ya survived the Waspberry poisoning with little effect.

The party was woken from sleep in the early hours of the morning by the Stinkman’s tiefling servant at their door. He passed on thanks from his master and gave them each a red-jeweled amulet of indeterminate origin and power. Warily, the party accepted the amulets. Before the servant could leave, fire broke out all over Kolskar’s residence. Rushing out of the building with as much gold as they could carry from the safe, the party found themselves surrounded by Vai assassins intent on making sure the building burnt to the ground.

The party made a run for it, fought and killed several Vai, then escaped as the rest of the Vai chose not to pursue them any further. At Caelvard’s urging the adventurers sought shelter in the temple of Bahamut for the night. Anais’s speaker came to them there and bade them meet with Anais at an address on Juniper Street in Midtown at dusk.

Arriving at the address, the adventurers found a nice, two-story dwelling, and inside was Anais and an older man unknown to them.

Anais handed a note to Naesair that seemed to surprise him. He did not share its content with the others, but gave them meaningful looks, then departed. Anais told the adventurers that Naesair had been sent out on a solo mission, and it would be some time before they might see him again.

Anais then gave the party the news that this home was theirs now, to rest and heal between their travails in the name of Justice. The old man, Bramble, would be their servant, cooking and cleaning and nursing them. Bramble made it very clear to a reluctant Kai’Ya, that he was not a slave, that his family had served the Sisters of Silence for generations.

Anais then offered to further bond the party by giving each member the Tattoo of Shared Vengeance, which they accepted. She then told the adventurers that their dealings with Hadrien Runihan were far from over. She told them that a dark night was coming, not just to Ptolus, but to the whole world. The forces of Chaos were uniting, and one of those forces was Runihan working hand-in-hand with the Forsaken and the Fallen in the Necropolis. She asked the adventurers to go to the Necropolis, find out what he was up to, and stop him if necessary. Anais then left them.

The adventurers spent the evening exploring their new home, and also The Manes, the large, forest-like home of the Litorians that began right outside their back door. There they met several Litorians, Har-Kaman, and his woman, Larna-Kaman, with whom they shared the strong Lithorian drink Ertho (except for Caelvard, who as usual abstained from spirits).

At the Necropolis the next morning they found a knight of the Keeper of the Veil, Sir John Frangle, a friend of the Sisters, who led them through the Siege Tower and into the Necropolis. Having obtained some robes and some information from a few sad Forsaken, they staked out the Dark Reliquary, where word had it that Hadrien Runihan had been seen. After dark, they observed a ritual taking place behind the Dark Reliquary. Along with Sir John and a few of his men, they attacked the Forsaken taking part in the ritual. However, much to their dismay, two Fallen demons were among the Forsaken. One of Sir John’s men was killed, and although the adventurers vanquished many of the undead fiends raised by the Forsaken, they could not defeat the powerful Fallen and were forced to retreat and return to fight another day. They ended the night back at their new home, with Bramble attending to their many wounds (except for Mundo, who managed to escape unscathed).



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