Tie Me Up

Session 13: Hadrien Meets His End

After a night’s rest in their new home, the party was met by Anais (and her speaker) and Singriosh. Anais, concerned about the powerful enemies the party were facing in the forces of chaos, gave each member of the party magic armor to protect them in their dangerous endeavors. Along with the armor, Mundo was given a strange mirror, and Caelvard was given a talking shield that could help him in identifying his enemies. Anais advised them to recruit allies in the Necropolis, and to begin on the island.

After some successful research in the City Library, the Avengers of Ptolus made their way back to the Necropolis where they met Sir Beck and Phadian Gess, commanders of the Knights of the Veil. Though impressed by their fervor (well, Beck was anyway), they refrained from offering further aide than giving them the help of Sir John Frangle and a few of his men.

Leaving the Fortress, the avengers made their way to Clasthamus Isle where they met the druid Andach and his apprentice Hennam with the intent of gaining his aide against the coming Night. Andach, concerned by the news of the coming of the Night of Dissolution, promised his aide at the final battle on the condition that the party would return on the next Godsday to help defend the Isle from the undead hordes that always attack it on that one day when the Stones of Thamus lose their power. A sparrow was sent with them as a messenger.

Leaving the Isle, a strange woman in Mundo’s magic mirror advised her to follow the fly. Looking around, she did spot an unusually large fly hovering near Kai’Ya. They followed the fly to a horrid tower rising from the Necropolis, fresh and mouldering corpses impaled on its walls. Stepping through it’s door, they were transported in space and time to the top of the tower at night, even though it was bright day when they left. In the tower they met the necromancer Terephon. Terephon, an enemy of the chaos cultists because chaos and the Night of Dissolution will mean the end of death just as well as the end of life. Terephon studies and worships death. Terephon offers his aide if they will only bring him the beheaded corpse of Hadrien Runihan (though he also would have liked to perform some necromantic experiments on the party, they declined his invitations).

Meeting Sir John Frangle and his fellow knight Phillpa, the party proceeded to the mausoleum tombs where Hadrien had been rumored to have been seen. Entering the tombs, they were discovered by Forsaken guardians who stopped the party before they could reach a meeting between Hadrien, an unknown female vampire, and four demons. After destroying the Forsaken guardians (twice!) the avengers and their knight companions attacked and killed two lesser demons as the vampires and larger demons vanished from the chamber through a hidden door.

Reveling in their victory, the party decided to go back to the Siege Fortress and inform the Knights of the Veil of the evenings events. There they were surrounded by joyous knights who cheered their victory over the demons, for no demons had been killed in the memory of any of these knights. Hearing of their valor, Sir Beck gave the party the use of two more knights. Heading back to the tombs, the party found themselves in a chamber with a single hole in the floor. One of the knights was killed attempting to explore the whole, but after Caelvard was yanked down into the darkness, the rest of the party bravely dove after him.

They found themselves at the bottom, separated by yawning black chasms from each other, and from a platform containing the hated Hadrien and one of the demons that had fled from them earlier. In the battle that ensued, another of the knights lost his life, but in the end, despite grievous wounds and terrible attacks, the avengers were true to their name and slew the devil vampire Hadrien as he attempted to once again run from them. Throwing the body over his shoulder, Kai’Ya and the others exited through the only visible door to find themselves in a dark tunnel. At the end of that tunnel, torches suddenly burst into flame all around them, and looking up, they found themselves in a gladiatorial arena, surround by the forsaken and the fallen, sitting in viewing stand above, leering down at them. The sound of grates being opened met their ears and they steeled themselves for whatever may come…



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