Tie Me Up

Session 14: Messing with Medre

The adventurers (including Sir John Frangle and Philipa of the Knights of the Veil), finding themselves in the center of a gladiatorial arena somewhere beneath the Dark Reliquary, steeled themselves for battle while gazing up into the stands at the hundreds of Fallen and Forsaken shrieking for their deaths. Medre Allaconda stepped forth and berated the party for what they had already done to hamper her plans to bring on the Night of Dissolution by destroying her warehouse and the seven Golden Dwarves of Ruin. Behind her, the party glimpsed two regal undead figures dressed finely, a man and a woman, silently watching them. When Medre finished her rant, she snapped her fingers and the party heard the sounds of doors opening. Gripping their weapons tightly, they prepared for the worst…

At that moment, the necromancer Terephon teleported into the arena with five undead shamblers and threw a cloak of darkness over the party. He urged them to run from this fight and retreat with him to his tower. He wished only to get the body of Hadrien Runihan back to his laboratory where he could work his recromantic reanimation experiments on it—and also to talk Kai’Ya into letting him replace his arm with an undead limb. The party took Terephon up on his offer of extraction. In his tower, Philipa and Sir John departed for the Veil Seige Tower, and Kai’Ya decided it might just be a good idea to have an undead arm, and allowed Terephon to remove it. Unfortunately, Kai’Ya forgot to ask how long it would take, and was noticeably upset when Terephon told him it would need to be interred for 48 hours.

In exchange for the arm and Runihan’s body, Terephon also gave them information about an underling who serves Medre Allaconda: the Wet Priestess of the Temple of the Black Spring, Argent. He thinks that they may be able to use Argent to gain access to the Dark Reliquary. Though somewhat short-handed (nyuck-nyuck), the party left Terephon and went for a short rest before searching for Argent. In the Temple District, they ran across their old acquaintance, Iltumar Shon who told them of rumors that Phon has returned to Ptolus. Unnerved by Caelvard’s lascivious attitude, Iltumar departed and the party soon found the Temple of the Black Spring. Inside the Temple, they confronted Argent and destroyed her animated constructs and a demon of protection. On questioning Argent, they found that she served Medre only for fear of her own life and that of her sister, imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Dark Reliquary. She told them she would help only if they remained silent about her participation, as she did not wish the Night of Dissolution to fall any more than they did. Argent told them of a secret entrance to the Dark Reliquary and gave them a magical access code to it. It would admit them to a ritual chamber that cast a spell of protection on the Dark Reliquary and weakened any enemy within it. The three adventurers decided to take on this hit-and-run mission and set out for the Siege Fortress once again.

uneasy glances

At the Siege Tower, they met with Sir John. They decided the best time to take on the mission would be to begin at midnight. The party went to visit Terephon while Sir John put together some more men for the mission. Just before midnight, the party met up with Sir John, Philipa, and a new Veil ally, Starling. Philipa and Caelvard exchanged uneasy glances, which did not go unnoticed by the rest of the party. After some minor stumbles, and some nice work by the druid Mundo at the door, they made their way inside. After fighting their way through several Orc zombie guards, they found their way to the ritual chamber where they found 24 bodies powering the ritual, 12 undead and 12 living. Following Argent’s advice, they removed half of the living, all of whom died when removed, and reluctantly left the other half to keep the defense ward running at very low power so that Medre would not notice it. Carrying the bodies they made their way out the way they’d come in and walked into an ambush of Orc zombies and ghosts. Though long and bloody, the party and their allies prevailed, and with Medre screaming at them from a window of the Dark Reliquary, made a run for the protection of the Siege Tower…



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