Tie Me Up

Session 6: Pale Dogs Play & Scarius Teases

The party began the evening in dire straits. Having been knocked unconscious by a magical energy burst, Kai’Ya and Kolskar remained behind in the abandoned house as the rest of the party ran out into the street to confront the cloaked figures breaking into Phon’s house. Fortunately they were not alone; three adventurers, Mundo the Druid, Karfesh the Dragonborn, and Serenity the Tiefling swept into the battle at their side. It was, however, an extremely difficult battle as the party’s foes were revealed to be a group of Pale Dog assassins and their leader, a dangerously powerful mage. At the end of the battle, the Pale Dogs retreated, but with poor Phon in their clutches, and two of the party, Karfesh and Faustina lay grievously wounded and dying in the cobbled street.

Before expiring, Karfesh reminded the rest of the party to stay on the path of justice and follow the Sisters. Only somewhat coherent, he raged about the coming Night, and that only the Sisters and the party of Avengers could stop the Night. And he told them that they were not alone, that other cells of Avengers, like his, existed in the city. Karfesh begged Naesair to take the strange black glove from his hand and give it to the dragonborn of their party. And then he died.

The living of the two parties coalesced into one party, collected their dead and wounded, and took them back to Kolskar’s residence for the night. In the morning, heavy at heart, they left Kolskar and Kai’ya and took their dead to dispose of their bodies into the sea. Along the way, they ran into a rally of Ptolus citizens led by Helmut Itlestein calling for the end of Empirical rule and the establishment of Ptolus as an independent republic.

With the note taken from the thug’s they had run down the night before, they went to the Docks and reconnoitered the warehouse. They subdued a guard dog inside and found the name of Vagger on many of the documents in the office. Serenity stayed behind, hidden in the warehouse, while the others left to dig up more information. Having gotten very little information, they stationed themselves outside the warehouse and waited. An hour before midnight, an elf and a human went into the warehouse. The elf discovered Serenity and a battle ensued as the other party members rushed to her assistance. The elf was killed in the battle, but the human, Vagger, revealed that he had hired the Pale Dogs and was intending to ambush them and not pay them for the work. He also told them that the Dogs had certainly already delivered the girl, if she still lived, to Toridan Cran, the man who had hired Vagger.

The party hurried to Cran, only to find two dead men and one dying man tied up in Cran’s house. They were tied tight with sharp wire, and the living one told of the man who did this to them. Naesair immediately knew with a chill that he was describing Scarius. After escaping from the house (and a nasty Fire Elemental released by the dying man), the party followed a trail of blood to a carriage. Luckily the carriage driver had seen another carriage take the man and injured woman and had heard where they were going.

The party arrived in Rivergate at a wealthy residence in the midst of a stylish party. Naesair and Serenity knocked out a couple of arriving party goers and changed into their clothes while Mundo changed into otter form and disguised himself as a stole on Serenity’s shoulders. Caelvard managed to enter the building from the back and change into servant’s clothing. After a short time and some tricky maneuvering, they all managed to make their way upstairs where they found Scarius holding Phon with a coil of wire tied around her neck. Having to choose between capturing Scarius and getting Phon back alive, the party rescued Phon at the cost of letting the evil Scarius remain free.

Safely held in Caelvard’s arms, Phon was taken back to Kolskar’s residence and the party set up a watch and took their rest as best they could. It was late in the night when they heard a window break at the back of the house…



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