Tie Me Up

Session 7: Delivering Phon

Summoned by Sister Anais, the party convened at the ruined temple in the wee hours of the morning. Once there, Mundo and Serenity took their vows to become Avengers of Ptolus and received magical weapons in return. Sister Anais bade them to hurry to meet Captain Spratt at this boat Special Circumstances, moored and waiting for the party at the docks. Once there they sailed north up the bay and then into the Moonhunt River and elven lands. The sea journey turned more eventful than they had anticipated, as a ship of undead pirates assaulted them and killed several members of Pratt’s crew before being driven off by the party. Once on land, the adventurers followed a map provided by the sister and made their way to an elven village and gave Phon Quartermain into their hands for safe keeping.

On the short journey back to Spratt’s ship, they encountered a hill giant, but made quick work of him and left him a bloody carcass in the dirt.

Having done their duty by Phon, they returned to Ptolus to find a note from their acquaintance, Malfist Pring, asking to meet at the Ghostly Minstrel that evening. This they did, and found that Pring had some valuable information for them…he knew exactly where Scarius would be that night, and for a price he would lead the party to him…



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