Tie Me Up

Session 8: Wherein Scarius Dies

The party met with Malfist Pring in Delver’s Square and traveled with him to an abandoned house near the Necropolis. In the cellar, Pring, well-paid for his information, left the party to venture through a trapdoor into the sewers beneath the city, though he did tell them that if they found anything interesting that he might want to buy it from them.

The party made it’s way through the twists and turns of the sewers and found a large chamber wherein Scarius and several Vai associates were hiding out. It seems Pring’s information was accurate! Laying low in the muck of the sewers, the party attempted to stealthily sneak up on Scarius and his crew to gain the advantage in the battle to come. Unfortunately, the Paladin Caelvard, encumbered in his armor, slipped in the mire and alerted Scarius, whereupon arrows began to fly at the adventurers and several of Scarius’s men advanced on them, leaving Scarius to bark orders from the rear of the chamber. Just when the party thought that things might work to their advantage in the battle, however, Scarius called forth a lumbering barbarian, Lurg, who had been hidden from the party’s eyes. He charged into the fray and did his best to smash his meaty fists against the party. Scarius meanwhile, tired of being out of the action, began to dart in and out of the fight, jabbing his twin poison daggers into the party and weakening them. If not for the healing skills of Caelvard and Mundo, the party might very well have died in those filthy sewers. But finally, after taking down Lurg, the party faced Scarius, ganging up and surrounding him. After cuts and blows from all the party members, Kai’Ya and Naesair attacked their hated foe simultaneously, Kai’Ya landing a crushing blow on his neck, and Naesair plunging both his scimitars into Scarius’s guts. Scarius fell dead in the muck. Kai’ya took the assassin’s teeth for Kolskar.

At the back of the cavern they found a large, strange chest that could not be opened and showed no sign of a seam where a lid should have been. On the top of the chest was a sigil in the form of a raised left hand with an eye in the palm. They took the chest back to Kolskar’s abode and then went to find Singriosh for information. At Singriosh’s stall they met with Anais who told them that the symbol was of Vecna, an evil god. She gave the avengers their next task: to go into the undercity labyrinth to search out and destroy the Bloodreaver slavers. She also told them that the key to the chest would be at the end of their journey, and that the journey would be long and arduous and they would be on their own once they entered the undercity labyrinth. They were to meet Rendil, at the Ghul Gates, and he would serve as their guide through the undercity caverns. Fortunately for Rendil, the party came across a group of hobgoblin Bloodreavers who had just captured him a short distance from Ghul’s Gate. They killed the hobgoblins, freed Rendil, and made their way into the 7-Pillared Hall to rest and seek nourishment at the Halfmoon Inn there. After the rest, they headed toward the Dragon Door in search of the Chamber of Eyes, headquarters for the Bloodreavers. Before leaving the 7-Pillared hall, however, they were met by the Mage Orontor, who showed them the sign of the Avenger on his palm and bade them seek him out when they were finished with the Bloodreavers.

Through the Dragon Door the party soon came upon an obstacle in their path surely laid down by the Bloodreavers: Dire and Gray wolves hunting in a pack attacked them and sought to drag them down and devour them. But the party made quick work of the beasts and continued on their way. Sometime later they saw a faint green glow in the distance…



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