Tie Me Up

Session 9: We Must Protect Her

Still searching for the Bloodreaver’s lair, the party was separated by a cave-in of the tunnels. While unconscious Caelvard had a dream about a sleeping princess being watched over by Bahamut. When the party woke, there was a pile of rubble and a puddle of blood dripping out of the pile, and Naesair and Rendil are gone. The remaining party found a hole in the tunnel wall and made their way to a new tunnel. There they found their old friend Serenity with ‘the finest navigator in the world’, Malachi Longshadow. They revealed that they were searching for the treasure of a princess.

After successfully working through several traps, the party came to the ‘living crypt’ of the princess of Bahamut. Unfortunately the crypt was very well protected by a Guardian Ghost and two living bat-dragon statues. After defeating the guardians, the princess was awakened by a kiss from a true follower of Bahamut, Caelvard. The princess rewarded the party members by giving them each a magical ring, and to Caelvard she also gave a magical necklace.

The princess opened a panel behind her so that the adventurers could continue their mission to hunt down the Bloodreavers. As the party entered the tunnel, they heard a familiar sound, a half-elf with a British accent saying something about pie…



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