Tie Me Up

Session 14: Messing with Medre

The adventurers (including Sir John Frangle and Philipa of the Knights of the Veil), finding themselves in the center of a gladiatorial arena somewhere beneath the Dark Reliquary, steeled themselves for battle while gazing up into the stands at the hundreds of Fallen and Forsaken shrieking for their deaths. Medre Allaconda stepped forth and berated the party for what they had already done to hamper her plans to bring on the Night of Dissolution by destroying her warehouse and the seven Golden Dwarves of Ruin. Behind her, the party glimpsed two regal undead figures dressed finely, a man and a woman, silently watching them. When Medre finished her rant, she snapped her fingers and the party heard the sounds of doors opening. Gripping their weapons tightly, they prepared for the worst…

At that moment, the necromancer Terephon teleported into the arena with five undead shamblers and threw a cloak of darkness over the party. He urged them to run from this fight and retreat with him to his tower. He wished only to get the body of Hadrien Runihan back to his laboratory where he could work his recromantic reanimation experiments on it—and also to talk Kai’Ya into letting him replace his arm with an undead limb. The party took Terephon up on his offer of extraction. In his tower, Philipa and Sir John departed for the Veil Seige Tower, and Kai’Ya decided it might just be a good idea to have an undead arm, and allowed Terephon to remove it. Unfortunately, Kai’Ya forgot to ask how long it would take, and was noticeably upset when Terephon told him it would need to be interred for 48 hours.

In exchange for the arm and Runihan’s body, Terephon also gave them information about an underling who serves Medre Allaconda: the Wet Priestess of the Temple of the Black Spring, Argent. He thinks that they may be able to use Argent to gain access to the Dark Reliquary. Though somewhat short-handed (nyuck-nyuck), the party left Terephon and went for a short rest before searching for Argent. In the Temple District, they ran across their old acquaintance, Iltumar Shon who told them of rumors that Phon has returned to Ptolus. Unnerved by Caelvard’s lascivious attitude, Iltumar departed and the party soon found the Temple of the Black Spring. Inside the Temple, they confronted Argent and destroyed her animated constructs and a demon of protection. On questioning Argent, they found that she served Medre only for fear of her own life and that of her sister, imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Dark Reliquary. She told them she would help only if they remained silent about her participation, as she did not wish the Night of Dissolution to fall any more than they did. Argent told them of a secret entrance to the Dark Reliquary and gave them a magical access code to it. It would admit them to a ritual chamber that cast a spell of protection on the Dark Reliquary and weakened any enemy within it. The three adventurers decided to take on this hit-and-run mission and set out for the Siege Fortress once again.

uneasy glances

At the Siege Tower, they met with Sir John. They decided the best time to take on the mission would be to begin at midnight. The party went to visit Terephon while Sir John put together some more men for the mission. Just before midnight, the party met up with Sir John, Philipa, and a new Veil ally, Starling. Philipa and Caelvard exchanged uneasy glances, which did not go unnoticed by the rest of the party. After some minor stumbles, and some nice work by the druid Mundo at the door, they made their way inside. After fighting their way through several Orc zombie guards, they found their way to the ritual chamber where they found 24 bodies powering the ritual, 12 undead and 12 living. Following Argent’s advice, they removed half of the living, all of whom died when removed, and reluctantly left the other half to keep the defense ward running at very low power so that Medre would not notice it. Carrying the bodies they made their way out the way they’d come in and walked into an ambush of Orc zombies and ghosts. Though long and bloody, the party and their allies prevailed, and with Medre screaming at them from a window of the Dark Reliquary, made a run for the protection of the Siege Tower…

Session 13: Hadrien Meets His End

After a night’s rest in their new home, the party was met by Anais (and her speaker) and Singriosh. Anais, concerned about the powerful enemies the party were facing in the forces of chaos, gave each member of the party magic armor to protect them in their dangerous endeavors. Along with the armor, Mundo was given a strange mirror, and Caelvard was given a talking shield that could help him in identifying his enemies. Anais advised them to recruit allies in the Necropolis, and to begin on the island.

After some successful research in the City Library, the Avengers of Ptolus made their way back to the Necropolis where they met Sir Beck and Phadian Gess, commanders of the Knights of the Veil. Though impressed by their fervor (well, Beck was anyway), they refrained from offering further aide than giving them the help of Sir John Frangle and a few of his men.

Leaving the Fortress, the avengers made their way to Clasthamus Isle where they met the druid Andach and his apprentice Hennam with the intent of gaining his aide against the coming Night. Andach, concerned by the news of the coming of the Night of Dissolution, promised his aide at the final battle on the condition that the party would return on the next Godsday to help defend the Isle from the undead hordes that always attack it on that one day when the Stones of Thamus lose their power. A sparrow was sent with them as a messenger.

Leaving the Isle, a strange woman in Mundo’s magic mirror advised her to follow the fly. Looking around, she did spot an unusually large fly hovering near Kai’Ya. They followed the fly to a horrid tower rising from the Necropolis, fresh and mouldering corpses impaled on its walls. Stepping through it’s door, they were transported in space and time to the top of the tower at night, even though it was bright day when they left. In the tower they met the necromancer Terephon. Terephon, an enemy of the chaos cultists because chaos and the Night of Dissolution will mean the end of death just as well as the end of life. Terephon studies and worships death. Terephon offers his aide if they will only bring him the beheaded corpse of Hadrien Runihan (though he also would have liked to perform some necromantic experiments on the party, they declined his invitations).

Meeting Sir John Frangle and his fellow knight Phillpa, the party proceeded to the mausoleum tombs where Hadrien had been rumored to have been seen. Entering the tombs, they were discovered by Forsaken guardians who stopped the party before they could reach a meeting between Hadrien, an unknown female vampire, and four demons. After destroying the Forsaken guardians (twice!) the avengers and their knight companions attacked and killed two lesser demons as the vampires and larger demons vanished from the chamber through a hidden door.

Reveling in their victory, the party decided to go back to the Siege Fortress and inform the Knights of the Veil of the evenings events. There they were surrounded by joyous knights who cheered their victory over the demons, for no demons had been killed in the memory of any of these knights. Hearing of their valor, Sir Beck gave the party the use of two more knights. Heading back to the tombs, the party found themselves in a chamber with a single hole in the floor. One of the knights was killed attempting to explore the whole, but after Caelvard was yanked down into the darkness, the rest of the party bravely dove after him.

They found themselves at the bottom, separated by yawning black chasms from each other, and from a platform containing the hated Hadrien and one of the demons that had fled from them earlier. In the battle that ensued, another of the knights lost his life, but in the end, despite grievous wounds and terrible attacks, the avengers were true to their name and slew the devil vampire Hadrien as he attempted to once again run from them. Throwing the body over his shoulder, Kai’Ya and the others exited through the only visible door to find themselves in a dark tunnel. At the end of that tunnel, torches suddenly burst into flame all around them, and looking up, they found themselves in a gladiatorial arena, surround by the forsaken and the fallen, sitting in viewing stand above, leering down at them. The sound of grates being opened met their ears and they steeled themselves for whatever may come…

Session 12: The Necropolis

Kai’Ya decided to play a little joke on the party by pretending that his foot had been disfigured by the poison. Despite being a little groggy, however, Kai’Ya survived the Waspberry poisoning with little effect.

The party was woken from sleep in the early hours of the morning by the Stinkman’s tiefling servant at their door. He passed on thanks from his master and gave them each a red-jeweled amulet of indeterminate origin and power. Warily, the party accepted the amulets. Before the servant could leave, fire broke out all over Kolskar’s residence. Rushing out of the building with as much gold as they could carry from the safe, the party found themselves surrounded by Vai assassins intent on making sure the building burnt to the ground.

The party made a run for it, fought and killed several Vai, then escaped as the rest of the Vai chose not to pursue them any further. At Caelvard’s urging the adventurers sought shelter in the temple of Bahamut for the night. Anais’s speaker came to them there and bade them meet with Anais at an address on Juniper Street in Midtown at dusk.

Arriving at the address, the adventurers found a nice, two-story dwelling, and inside was Anais and an older man unknown to them.

Anais handed a note to Naesair that seemed to surprise him. He did not share its content with the others, but gave them meaningful looks, then departed. Anais told the adventurers that Naesair had been sent out on a solo mission, and it would be some time before they might see him again.

Anais then gave the party the news that this home was theirs now, to rest and heal between their travails in the name of Justice. The old man, Bramble, would be their servant, cooking and cleaning and nursing them. Bramble made it very clear to a reluctant Kai’Ya, that he was not a slave, that his family had served the Sisters of Silence for generations.

Anais then offered to further bond the party by giving each member the Tattoo of Shared Vengeance, which they accepted. She then told the adventurers that their dealings with Hadrien Runihan were far from over. She told them that a dark night was coming, not just to Ptolus, but to the whole world. The forces of Chaos were uniting, and one of those forces was Runihan working hand-in-hand with the Forsaken and the Fallen in the Necropolis. She asked the adventurers to go to the Necropolis, find out what he was up to, and stop him if necessary. Anais then left them.

The adventurers spent the evening exploring their new home, and also The Manes, the large, forest-like home of the Litorians that began right outside their back door. There they met several Litorians, Har-Kaman, and his woman, Larna-Kaman, with whom they shared the strong Lithorian drink Ertho (except for Caelvard, who as usual abstained from spirits).

At the Necropolis the next morning they found a knight of the Keeper of the Veil, Sir John Frangle, a friend of the Sisters, who led them through the Siege Tower and into the Necropolis. Having obtained some robes and some information from a few sad Forsaken, they staked out the Dark Reliquary, where word had it that Hadrien Runihan had been seen. After dark, they observed a ritual taking place behind the Dark Reliquary. Along with Sir John and a few of his men, they attacked the Forsaken taking part in the ritual. However, much to their dismay, two Fallen demons were among the Forsaken. One of Sir John’s men was killed, and although the adventurers vanquished many of the undead fiends raised by the Forsaken, they could not defeat the powerful Fallen and were forced to retreat and return to fight another day. They ended the night back at their new home, with Bramble attending to their many wounds (except for Mundo, who managed to escape unscathed).

Session 11: Waspberry and Blue-Tears

The party left the Undercity and arrived in Delver’s Square, dragging poor, stumbling Kai’Ya with them. At Kolskar’s residence, they found a note stuck to the door from Kolskar himself, informing the party that he was sure someone was out to get him and that he had decided to flee Ptolus. Oh, and he also took an extra 100 gold from each of the party members’ stashes in his safe.

Meanwhile, Kai’Ya collapsed on the street outside and vomited. Malachi, sensing something not right about the dragonborn, examined him and discovered that he was not drunk at all, but had been poisoned by waspberry! The navigator informed the party that the only antidote for this poison is blue-tears, a by-product of shivel production. He told them of the three places he knew of that might be able to provide them with blue-tears: Hadrien Runihan, the Den of the Eight Shadows, and Kevril Killraven’s associate, the Stinkman. Upon closer examination, Malachi decided that Kai’Ya was in the advanced stages of the poisoning, and after another 18 hours would either perish…or worse, become horribly disfigured

Leaving Kai’Ya in the care of Malachi’s friend Abelard, the adventurers sought out Hadrien Runihan in the Temple of Delights. The priest they had previously met there had been replaced by a sniveling, blubber-lipped fellow. He did, however, give them an audience with Hadrien. Hadrien found their plight amusing, but offered them a deal: kill Hadrien’s rival the Stinkman and he would give them a vial of the antidote. The party, not being assassins, would make no promise, but did agree to at least visit the Stinkman’s premises near the Necropolis.

At the Stinkman’s keep, they had to overcome several traps to win audience with the keep’s master. This they did, and the Stinkman made them a counteroffer to Hadrien’s: burn down a warehouse owned by Hadrien at the docks and Stinkman would give them a vial of blue-tears. This they agreed to, though again making no promises since they didn’t know the contents of the warehouse.

At the docks, Caelvard and Naesair bluffed their way inside the warehouse while Malachi and Mundo skulked about on the roof. Relieved of their weapons, and without assertaining the contents of the warehouse, other than it held a dozen or so large oblong boxes, they did manage to get out alive. At this point, the party decided to burn down the warehouse, which they did with glee.

Back at the Stinkman’s Keep, they were given the blue-tears, but not before the Stinkman chilled their hearts and made them possibly regret their haste by asking them, “And the dwarves? What about the dwarves?” When the party stumbled for an answer, the Stinkman closed the door on them and left them to hurry back to Kolskar’s abode, which they did with heavy hearts.

Malachi administered the antidote to Kai’Ya, and after a few hours he opened his eyes and told his friends that he felt terrible and that his foot felt strange. Upon looking in his left boot, Kai’Ya let out a blood-curdling scream…

Session 10: In the Bloodreavers' Den

Joy and sadness mixed, as the party came back together and Naesair was discovered safe in the tunnels, though he bore the unfortunate news that the party’s guide, Rendil, had died in the cave-in. Malachi agreed to step into the role of navigator for the group, and in a short time delivered them to the Bloodreaver’s front door. When they arrived at the door they were astonished to find Kai’Ya had mysteriously disappeared. A quick search found no sign of him, and the party had no choice but to return to their appointed task and send out a message rat to contact Kai’Ya. Once inside the Bloodreaver’s den, Mundo found a water-filled tunnel into an adjacent room. This route was not explored further because Naesair decided to explore the balcony. After some unfortunate bird-calls, Naesair was captured by a group of human and goblin Bloodreavers. The others managed to escape capture.

On Malachi’s advice, rather than rush into a room full of enemies ready to fight, Caelvard agreed to pretend to be a slaver wanting to sell Mundo and Malachi to the Bloodreavers. To his own astonishment, Caelvard was an accomplished bluffer and fooled Krand, the leader of the Bloodreavers, even convincing Krand to sell Naesair back to him. Unfortunately, Mundo took this opportunity to turn into a dire badger and was netted and almost beheaded by the Bloodreavers. Caelvard, however, managed to keep his head and talk Krand down. In the end, the party left the room poorer by 500 gold and their navigator, whom they were forced to leave behind to a life of slavery.

Unable to live with this unhappy turn of events, the party hid in the corridors and lured the Bloodreavers out a few at a time to their deaths. When they returned to the main hall, they found the slaves and Krand gone, and only a group of goblins and dire wolves there to greet them. After dealing harshly with the fiends, Mundo sniffed out a secret passage in the back of the room. After some further detective work, the adventurers found themselves back in the tunnel facing down Krand and his helpers who were leading Malachi and the other slaves away. Krand, though a fierce knife fighter, gave up at the first sign of his own blood being spilled and fled away down the tunnel. Malachi was so greatful for their help that he made Caelvard a gift of his fabulous hat.

The adventurers took the former slaves to freedom and a night of rest in the Seven Pillared Hall, where they also found a very inebriated Kai’Ya. The all decided to rest for the night and then head to Kolskar’s house in the morning.

Session 9: We Must Protect Her

Still searching for the Bloodreaver’s lair, the party was separated by a cave-in of the tunnels. While unconscious Caelvard had a dream about a sleeping princess being watched over by Bahamut. When the party woke, there was a pile of rubble and a puddle of blood dripping out of the pile, and Naesair and Rendil are gone. The remaining party found a hole in the tunnel wall and made their way to a new tunnel. There they found their old friend Serenity with ‘the finest navigator in the world’, Malachi Longshadow. They revealed that they were searching for the treasure of a princess.

After successfully working through several traps, the party came to the ‘living crypt’ of the princess of Bahamut. Unfortunately the crypt was very well protected by a Guardian Ghost and two living bat-dragon statues. After defeating the guardians, the princess was awakened by a kiss from a true follower of Bahamut, Caelvard. The princess rewarded the party members by giving them each a magical ring, and to Caelvard she also gave a magical necklace.

The princess opened a panel behind her so that the adventurers could continue their mission to hunt down the Bloodreavers. As the party entered the tunnel, they heard a familiar sound, a half-elf with a British accent saying something about pie…

Session 8: Wherein Scarius Dies

The party met with Malfist Pring in Delver’s Square and traveled with him to an abandoned house near the Necropolis. In the cellar, Pring, well-paid for his information, left the party to venture through a trapdoor into the sewers beneath the city, though he did tell them that if they found anything interesting that he might want to buy it from them.

The party made it’s way through the twists and turns of the sewers and found a large chamber wherein Scarius and several Vai associates were hiding out. It seems Pring’s information was accurate! Laying low in the muck of the sewers, the party attempted to stealthily sneak up on Scarius and his crew to gain the advantage in the battle to come. Unfortunately, the Paladin Caelvard, encumbered in his armor, slipped in the mire and alerted Scarius, whereupon arrows began to fly at the adventurers and several of Scarius’s men advanced on them, leaving Scarius to bark orders from the rear of the chamber. Just when the party thought that things might work to their advantage in the battle, however, Scarius called forth a lumbering barbarian, Lurg, who had been hidden from the party’s eyes. He charged into the fray and did his best to smash his meaty fists against the party. Scarius meanwhile, tired of being out of the action, began to dart in and out of the fight, jabbing his twin poison daggers into the party and weakening them. If not for the healing skills of Caelvard and Mundo, the party might very well have died in those filthy sewers. But finally, after taking down Lurg, the party faced Scarius, ganging up and surrounding him. After cuts and blows from all the party members, Kai’Ya and Naesair attacked their hated foe simultaneously, Kai’Ya landing a crushing blow on his neck, and Naesair plunging both his scimitars into Scarius’s guts. Scarius fell dead in the muck. Kai’ya took the assassin’s teeth for Kolskar.

At the back of the cavern they found a large, strange chest that could not be opened and showed no sign of a seam where a lid should have been. On the top of the chest was a sigil in the form of a raised left hand with an eye in the palm. They took the chest back to Kolskar’s abode and then went to find Singriosh for information. At Singriosh’s stall they met with Anais who told them that the symbol was of Vecna, an evil god. She gave the avengers their next task: to go into the undercity labyrinth to search out and destroy the Bloodreaver slavers. She also told them that the key to the chest would be at the end of their journey, and that the journey would be long and arduous and they would be on their own once they entered the undercity labyrinth. They were to meet Rendil, at the Ghul Gates, and he would serve as their guide through the undercity caverns. Fortunately for Rendil, the party came across a group of hobgoblin Bloodreavers who had just captured him a short distance from Ghul’s Gate. They killed the hobgoblins, freed Rendil, and made their way into the 7-Pillared Hall to rest and seek nourishment at the Halfmoon Inn there. After the rest, they headed toward the Dragon Door in search of the Chamber of Eyes, headquarters for the Bloodreavers. Before leaving the 7-Pillared hall, however, they were met by the Mage Orontor, who showed them the sign of the Avenger on his palm and bade them seek him out when they were finished with the Bloodreavers.

Through the Dragon Door the party soon came upon an obstacle in their path surely laid down by the Bloodreavers: Dire and Gray wolves hunting in a pack attacked them and sought to drag them down and devour them. But the party made quick work of the beasts and continued on their way. Sometime later they saw a faint green glow in the distance…

Session 7: Delivering Phon

Summoned by Sister Anais, the party convened at the ruined temple in the wee hours of the morning. Once there, Mundo and Serenity took their vows to become Avengers of Ptolus and received magical weapons in return. Sister Anais bade them to hurry to meet Captain Spratt at this boat Special Circumstances, moored and waiting for the party at the docks. Once there they sailed north up the bay and then into the Moonhunt River and elven lands. The sea journey turned more eventful than they had anticipated, as a ship of undead pirates assaulted them and killed several members of Pratt’s crew before being driven off by the party. Once on land, the adventurers followed a map provided by the sister and made their way to an elven village and gave Phon Quartermain into their hands for safe keeping.

On the short journey back to Spratt’s ship, they encountered a hill giant, but made quick work of him and left him a bloody carcass in the dirt.

Having done their duty by Phon, they returned to Ptolus to find a note from their acquaintance, Malfist Pring, asking to meet at the Ghostly Minstrel that evening. This they did, and found that Pring had some valuable information for them…he knew exactly where Scarius would be that night, and for a price he would lead the party to him…

Session 6: Pale Dogs Play & Scarius Teases

The party began the evening in dire straits. Having been knocked unconscious by a magical energy burst, Kai’Ya and Kolskar remained behind in the abandoned house as the rest of the party ran out into the street to confront the cloaked figures breaking into Phon’s house. Fortunately they were not alone; three adventurers, Mundo the Druid, Karfesh the Dragonborn, and Serenity the Tiefling swept into the battle at their side. It was, however, an extremely difficult battle as the party’s foes were revealed to be a group of Pale Dog assassins and their leader, a dangerously powerful mage. At the end of the battle, the Pale Dogs retreated, but with poor Phon in their clutches, and two of the party, Karfesh and Faustina lay grievously wounded and dying in the cobbled street.

Before expiring, Karfesh reminded the rest of the party to stay on the path of justice and follow the Sisters. Only somewhat coherent, he raged about the coming Night, and that only the Sisters and the party of Avengers could stop the Night. And he told them that they were not alone, that other cells of Avengers, like his, existed in the city. Karfesh begged Naesair to take the strange black glove from his hand and give it to the dragonborn of their party. And then he died.

The living of the two parties coalesced into one party, collected their dead and wounded, and took them back to Kolskar’s residence for the night. In the morning, heavy at heart, they left Kolskar and Kai’ya and took their dead to dispose of their bodies into the sea. Along the way, they ran into a rally of Ptolus citizens led by Helmut Itlestein calling for the end of Empirical rule and the establishment of Ptolus as an independent republic.

With the note taken from the thug’s they had run down the night before, they went to the Docks and reconnoitered the warehouse. They subdued a guard dog inside and found the name of Vagger on many of the documents in the office. Serenity stayed behind, hidden in the warehouse, while the others left to dig up more information. Having gotten very little information, they stationed themselves outside the warehouse and waited. An hour before midnight, an elf and a human went into the warehouse. The elf discovered Serenity and a battle ensued as the other party members rushed to her assistance. The elf was killed in the battle, but the human, Vagger, revealed that he had hired the Pale Dogs and was intending to ambush them and not pay them for the work. He also told them that the Dogs had certainly already delivered the girl, if she still lived, to Toridan Cran, the man who had hired Vagger.

The party hurried to Cran, only to find two dead men and one dying man tied up in Cran’s house. They were tied tight with sharp wire, and the living one told of the man who did this to them. Naesair immediately knew with a chill that he was describing Scarius. After escaping from the house (and a nasty Fire Elemental released by the dying man), the party followed a trail of blood to a carriage. Luckily the carriage driver had seen another carriage take the man and injured woman and had heard where they were going.

The party arrived in Rivergate at a wealthy residence in the midst of a stylish party. Naesair and Serenity knocked out a couple of arriving party goers and changed into their clothes while Mundo changed into otter form and disguised himself as a stole on Serenity’s shoulders. Caelvard managed to enter the building from the back and change into servant’s clothing. After a short time and some tricky maneuvering, they all managed to make their way upstairs where they found Scarius holding Phon with a coil of wire tied around her neck. Having to choose between capturing Scarius and getting Phon back alive, the party rescued Phon at the cost of letting the evil Scarius remain free.

Safely held in Caelvard’s arms, Phon was taken back to Kolskar’s residence and the party set up a watch and took their rest as best they could. It was late in the night when they heard a window break at the back of the house…

Session 5: Reborn as Avengers

Left in the Temple of Delights banquet hall, the adventurers had to fight their way through a mob of vampire spawn to get out of the room alive. Fortunately for them, they had the assistance of an armor-clad tiefling that crashed through the windows and joined the fight at their sides. After dispatching the vampires, the party questioned and then greeted Caelvard the Paladin of Bahamut. Exiting the banquet hall, they came upon an Orc guarding a delicious apple and blackberry pie. Naesair could not resist, and dragged the party over to attempt to convince the Orc to give them the pie. This, however, did not go well (despite juggling of Paladins & tales of famous historical Orc pie-guarding incidents), and amid much Orc yelling, the party left the temple.

Giving the information to Singriosh, the party found out that they were to meet Anais after sunset at the ruined temple in North Market. After a rest and a bit of a whine at the Ghostly Minstrel, the party made it’s way to the ruined temple. Though unsure at first of the party’s commitment to the cause of justice, she accepted their oaths and bade them become the silent hands of the Sisters, meting out justice to those in the city whom Sisters could not. Anais told them there would be many hard days ahead for them, but that they would be aided in their tasks. To this end, she presented each member of the party with a weapon specially designed for them and then told them to find Ilthumar Shon at the Bull & Bear Armory on the morrow.

The next day they could not meet up with Ilthumar until evening, and he gave them a note, urging them to save someone named Phon Quartermain, and to hurry up about it. Phon, said Ilthumar, who hadn’t read the note, was a girl who worked as a seamstress at Saches clothiers. The party finally met up with Phon as she was being attacked by two ruffians and a dark elf in an alley not far from her home. Her attackers attempted to flee, but the dark elf was killed by the party, and on her body was found a cryptic note about a meeting at a warehouse the next day.

After questioning Phon, they found out only that she was pregnant, tired, and scared, and that she wanted to go home. She would offer up no further information and closed her door to them. On reflection, the party thought it prudent to keep a watch on her home in case the ruffians returned to harm her. While Caelvard and Naesair reconnoitered the rear of the row house, Kolskar and Kai’Ya found that one of the row houses across the street was empty. They broke in and took over the house for the night, taking turns at watch from the window on the second story. About 2 in the morning, two dark figures appeared on the street near Phon’s house. At the same time, figures on ropes appeared on the roof, and before they could move, a loud bang and flash startled the party…


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