Tie Me Up

Session 8: Wherein Scarius Dies

The party met with Malfist Pring in Delver’s Square and traveled with him to an abandoned house near the Necropolis. In the cellar, Pring, well-paid for his information, left the party to venture through a trapdoor into the sewers beneath the city, though he did tell them that if they found anything interesting that he might want to buy it from them.

The party made it’s way through the twists and turns of the sewers and found a large chamber wherein Scarius and several Vai associates were hiding out. It seems Pring’s information was accurate! Laying low in the muck of the sewers, the party attempted to stealthily sneak up on Scarius and his crew to gain the advantage in the battle to come. Unfortunately, the Paladin Caelvard, encumbered in his armor, slipped in the mire and alerted Scarius, whereupon arrows began to fly at the adventurers and several of Scarius’s men advanced on them, leaving Scarius to bark orders from the rear of the chamber. Just when the party thought that things might work to their advantage in the battle, however, Scarius called forth a lumbering barbarian, Lurg, who had been hidden from the party’s eyes. He charged into the fray and did his best to smash his meaty fists against the party. Scarius meanwhile, tired of being out of the action, began to dart in and out of the fight, jabbing his twin poison daggers into the party and weakening them. If not for the healing skills of Caelvard and Mundo, the party might very well have died in those filthy sewers. But finally, after taking down Lurg, the party faced Scarius, ganging up and surrounding him. After cuts and blows from all the party members, Kai’Ya and Naesair attacked their hated foe simultaneously, Kai’Ya landing a crushing blow on his neck, and Naesair plunging both his scimitars into Scarius’s guts. Scarius fell dead in the muck. Kai’ya took the assassin’s teeth for Kolskar.

At the back of the cavern they found a large, strange chest that could not be opened and showed no sign of a seam where a lid should have been. On the top of the chest was a sigil in the form of a raised left hand with an eye in the palm. They took the chest back to Kolskar’s abode and then went to find Singriosh for information. At Singriosh’s stall they met with Anais who told them that the symbol was of Vecna, an evil god. She gave the avengers their next task: to go into the undercity labyrinth to search out and destroy the Bloodreaver slavers. She also told them that the key to the chest would be at the end of their journey, and that the journey would be long and arduous and they would be on their own once they entered the undercity labyrinth. They were to meet Rendil, at the Ghul Gates, and he would serve as their guide through the undercity caverns. Fortunately for Rendil, the party came across a group of hobgoblin Bloodreavers who had just captured him a short distance from Ghul’s Gate. They killed the hobgoblins, freed Rendil, and made their way into the 7-Pillared Hall to rest and seek nourishment at the Halfmoon Inn there. After the rest, they headed toward the Dragon Door in search of the Chamber of Eyes, headquarters for the Bloodreavers. Before leaving the 7-Pillared hall, however, they were met by the Mage Orontor, who showed them the sign of the Avenger on his palm and bade them seek him out when they were finished with the Bloodreavers.

Through the Dragon Door the party soon came upon an obstacle in their path surely laid down by the Bloodreavers: Dire and Gray wolves hunting in a pack attacked them and sought to drag them down and devour them. But the party made quick work of the beasts and continued on their way. Sometime later they saw a faint green glow in the distance…

Session 7: Delivering Phon

Summoned by Sister Anais, the party convened at the ruined temple in the wee hours of the morning. Once there, Mundo and Serenity took their vows to become Avengers of Ptolus and received magical weapons in return. Sister Anais bade them to hurry to meet Captain Spratt at this boat Special Circumstances, moored and waiting for the party at the docks. Once there they sailed north up the bay and then into the Moonhunt River and elven lands. The sea journey turned more eventful than they had anticipated, as a ship of undead pirates assaulted them and killed several members of Pratt’s crew before being driven off by the party. Once on land, the adventurers followed a map provided by the sister and made their way to an elven village and gave Phon Quartermain into their hands for safe keeping.

On the short journey back to Spratt’s ship, they encountered a hill giant, but made quick work of him and left him a bloody carcass in the dirt.

Having done their duty by Phon, they returned to Ptolus to find a note from their acquaintance, Malfist Pring, asking to meet at the Ghostly Minstrel that evening. This they did, and found that Pring had some valuable information for them…he knew exactly where Scarius would be that night, and for a price he would lead the party to him…

Session 6: Pale Dogs Play & Scarius Teases

The party began the evening in dire straits. Having been knocked unconscious by a magical energy burst, Kai’Ya and Kolskar remained behind in the abandoned house as the rest of the party ran out into the street to confront the cloaked figures breaking into Phon’s house. Fortunately they were not alone; three adventurers, Mundo the Druid, Karfesh the Dragonborn, and Serenity the Tiefling swept into the battle at their side. It was, however, an extremely difficult battle as the party’s foes were revealed to be a group of Pale Dog assassins and their leader, a dangerously powerful mage. At the end of the battle, the Pale Dogs retreated, but with poor Phon in their clutches, and two of the party, Karfesh and Faustina lay grievously wounded and dying in the cobbled street.

Before expiring, Karfesh reminded the rest of the party to stay on the path of justice and follow the Sisters. Only somewhat coherent, he raged about the coming Night, and that only the Sisters and the party of Avengers could stop the Night. And he told them that they were not alone, that other cells of Avengers, like his, existed in the city. Karfesh begged Naesair to take the strange black glove from his hand and give it to the dragonborn of their party. And then he died.

The living of the two parties coalesced into one party, collected their dead and wounded, and took them back to Kolskar’s residence for the night. In the morning, heavy at heart, they left Kolskar and Kai’ya and took their dead to dispose of their bodies into the sea. Along the way, they ran into a rally of Ptolus citizens led by Helmut Itlestein calling for the end of Empirical rule and the establishment of Ptolus as an independent republic.

With the note taken from the thug’s they had run down the night before, they went to the Docks and reconnoitered the warehouse. They subdued a guard dog inside and found the name of Vagger on many of the documents in the office. Serenity stayed behind, hidden in the warehouse, while the others left to dig up more information. Having gotten very little information, they stationed themselves outside the warehouse and waited. An hour before midnight, an elf and a human went into the warehouse. The elf discovered Serenity and a battle ensued as the other party members rushed to her assistance. The elf was killed in the battle, but the human, Vagger, revealed that he had hired the Pale Dogs and was intending to ambush them and not pay them for the work. He also told them that the Dogs had certainly already delivered the girl, if she still lived, to Toridan Cran, the man who had hired Vagger.

The party hurried to Cran, only to find two dead men and one dying man tied up in Cran’s house. They were tied tight with sharp wire, and the living one told of the man who did this to them. Naesair immediately knew with a chill that he was describing Scarius. After escaping from the house (and a nasty Fire Elemental released by the dying man), the party followed a trail of blood to a carriage. Luckily the carriage driver had seen another carriage take the man and injured woman and had heard where they were going.

The party arrived in Rivergate at a wealthy residence in the midst of a stylish party. Naesair and Serenity knocked out a couple of arriving party goers and changed into their clothes while Mundo changed into otter form and disguised himself as a stole on Serenity’s shoulders. Caelvard managed to enter the building from the back and change into servant’s clothing. After a short time and some tricky maneuvering, they all managed to make their way upstairs where they found Scarius holding Phon with a coil of wire tied around her neck. Having to choose between capturing Scarius and getting Phon back alive, the party rescued Phon at the cost of letting the evil Scarius remain free.

Safely held in Caelvard’s arms, Phon was taken back to Kolskar’s residence and the party set up a watch and took their rest as best they could. It was late in the night when they heard a window break at the back of the house…

Session 5: Reborn as Avengers

Left in the Temple of Delights banquet hall, the adventurers had to fight their way through a mob of vampire spawn to get out of the room alive. Fortunately for them, they had the assistance of an armor-clad tiefling that crashed through the windows and joined the fight at their sides. After dispatching the vampires, the party questioned and then greeted Caelvard the Paladin of Bahamut. Exiting the banquet hall, they came upon an Orc guarding a delicious apple and blackberry pie. Naesair could not resist, and dragged the party over to attempt to convince the Orc to give them the pie. This, however, did not go well (despite juggling of Paladins & tales of famous historical Orc pie-guarding incidents), and amid much Orc yelling, the party left the temple.

Giving the information to Singriosh, the party found out that they were to meet Anais after sunset at the ruined temple in North Market. After a rest and a bit of a whine at the Ghostly Minstrel, the party made it’s way to the ruined temple. Though unsure at first of the party’s commitment to the cause of justice, she accepted their oaths and bade them become the silent hands of the Sisters, meting out justice to those in the city whom Sisters could not. Anais told them there would be many hard days ahead for them, but that they would be aided in their tasks. To this end, she presented each member of the party with a weapon specially designed for them and then told them to find Ilthumar Shon at the Bull & Bear Armory on the morrow.

The next day they could not meet up with Ilthumar until evening, and he gave them a note, urging them to save someone named Phon Quartermain, and to hurry up about it. Phon, said Ilthumar, who hadn’t read the note, was a girl who worked as a seamstress at Saches clothiers. The party finally met up with Phon as she was being attacked by two ruffians and a dark elf in an alley not far from her home. Her attackers attempted to flee, but the dark elf was killed by the party, and on her body was found a cryptic note about a meeting at a warehouse the next day.

After questioning Phon, they found out only that she was pregnant, tired, and scared, and that she wanted to go home. She would offer up no further information and closed her door to them. On reflection, the party thought it prudent to keep a watch on her home in case the ruffians returned to harm her. While Caelvard and Naesair reconnoitered the rear of the row house, Kolskar and Kai’Ya found that one of the row houses across the street was empty. They broke in and took over the house for the night, taking turns at watch from the window on the second story. About 2 in the morning, two dark figures appeared on the street near Phon’s house. At the same time, figures on ropes appeared on the roof, and before they could move, a loud bang and flash startled the party…

Session 4: Scarius & the Blood Drinkers

In the Warrens shivel den run by the Eight Shadows, the PCs found themselves at the blue behind which they hoped to find Scarius the Vai assassin. However, after knocking on the door, then kicking it down, they found Scarius had escaped out the window and was on the roof. After only a short chase, Naesair drove his scimitars home into Scarius’s body and brought him down. After some healing, he was able to speak again, and with a promise to spare his life if he gave them the information they sought (the person who ordered Dacan Mool’s killing and why), the party reluctantly released Scarius and went to find Hadrien Runihan, fighting a band of Shivel addicts and ruffians on their way of the Warrens.

After some investigation by Kolskar and Kai’Ya, they discovered that Hadrien was often to be found at the Temple of Delights in the Temple District, though what he was doing there they didn’t know. Kai’Ya and Faustina decided to investigate the Temple of Delights, and after Kai’Ya thoroughly sampled the “wet” room, and Faustina attempted to seduce information about Hadrien from a temple goer, the gathered the rest of the party and decided it was time to face the temple and it’s priest together. They confronted Ambrise Gold, only to find that he had no love for Hadrien, who had been utilizing the temple as his own private office and filling it’s back rooms with his criminal associates. He told the party where Hadrien could be found, though disappointingly for them, would offer them no help.

The party found Hadrien in a large banquet room at the temple and told them they wanted to know why he’d had Mool killed. Hadrien Runihan merely looked down his long white nose at them, however, and dismissed them to their deaths at the hands of his associates, Vampire Spawn that began to demist around the table. Thinking the party would not leave the room alive, he did tell them on his way out through a secret back entrance that it was the Balacazars that had ordered Mools death because Mool had been dealing with the Killravens.

The adventurers had the information they needed to satisfy the task given them by the Anais, the Sister of Silence, now they just needed to get out of the room alive…

Session 3: Ambush on at the Docks

A messenger showed up Koskar’s door with a note from a stranger asking to meet with him at the Ghostly Minstrel. There the party met Malfist Pring, a tough dwarf that had heard from Likbol that the party wanted to get into the warrens and find the Den of the Eight Shadows. Pring offered to take you on for a delivery job he had that night taking merchandise from the Docks into the Warrens. The party decided this would fit well with their plans to go after Scarius at the shivel den in the warrens.

The Party met Pring at the docks that evening, and provided armed escort to the covered cart along with Pring and a few other men. On Seamist Street on the way out of the Docks, however, the party was accosted by a group of VERY tough dark elves wishing to steal Pring’s cargo. At the first sign of things going badly after the dark elves attacked, the party abandoned Pring and the fight to attempt to get into the cart to discover it’s contents. Pring took this abandonment of their jobs badly and set about attacking them while at the same time fending off the dark elf attack. This went badly for everyone except the dark elves, who got away with what you found to be a cargo of drugged human slaves.

After the fight, the party found a wounded Pring hiding in the nearby alleys and convinced him to lead them into the warrens and to the Den of the Eight Shadows. He led the party into the warrens, but then ran off as the party was attacked by a group of ghostly creatures at the end of a dark alley, led by one of the Eight Shadows themselves. After a difficult fight, the party defeated the magician and headed out to find the shivel den, and hopefully Scarius inside it.

After paying a street child to show them to the den of Eight Shadows, they went inside pretending to be customers, and found themselves in a long hallway, screams of pleasure coming from behind some of the closed doors, screams of pain from behind others…

Session Two: The Sister Proposes

Surrounded by the City Watch in Dalenguard Fortress, the party can do nothing but submit to the will of Lord Khatru and surrender themselves. After a night in the cells, and interrogations by Khatru, the party was released and made its way to Kolskar and Faustina’s residences to change their clothes, arm themselves, and head for the meeting in the Undercity Market at Singriosh Notorison’s stall.

On the way to the Market they encountered a fight between a Dragonborn and some city ruffians trying to rob him. Naesair recognized the Dragonborn as Kai’Ya Rai, one of those that helped him escape from his bondage under Lord Rau. The party assisted Kai’Ya in driving off the thieves and he tagged along with them to the Undercity Market.

The Sister of Silence from the night before met the party at Singriosh’s stall, accompanied by an unusual speaker, a very young girl. The sister spoke in veiled terms of something important happening, and possibly a place for the adventurers in it. For a test of their competence, she tasked them with finding those who killed Dacan Mool, telling them to start with the assassin Scarius and work their way up to those behind the killing.

This task led the party to look for an associate of Scarius, the half-gnome Likbol, at the Skull and Sword. At the Skull and Sword, the party learned that Scarius is known to haunt the shivel den at the Eight Shadows den in the Warrens. After a bar fight with a few half-orcs and humans, the party made a timely retreat to Kolskar’s residence where it spent the night.

Session One: Vai Assassins at the Ball

The party, Naesair, Kolskar, and Faustina played bodyguard to Dacan Mool as he attended the ball at House Shever. Unfortunately, the party let Mool slip from their sight for a few moments during the ball and he was killed by an assassin. Chasing the assassin down Crown Street, they were assaulted by 3 of his comrades, whom they overcame with some difficulty to find their quarry cornered by a group of Sisters of Silence, who pounded the assassin’s head to a pulp before they could question him. As they prepared to leave the Noble Quarter before the City Watch descended on the scene, a lone Sister of Silence pressed a mysterious note into Faustina’s hand. Three more Vai assassins overtook them on their way out of the Nobles Quarter and did them serious injury, forcing them to fight on a moving carriage on the treacherous winding road down to Dalenguard Fortress. As they reached the gates of Dalenguard Fortress, weary and battered, the City Watch removed the party from their carriage and held them at sword and arrow point.


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