Naesairs Journal

Delights, Regrets and Moral Quandries

Abbot, too much time has passed since I last penned a letter to you.

Life in Ptolus has been challenging indeed. Since returning from meeting with my Elven cousins and safely delivering the young woman to them the Sisters have sent us on a mission to seek out and destroy a slaving operation. This, I need not tell you, filled my heart with delight. Freeing the indentured and punishing their captors is what I was trained and built for. Standing as a beacon against the darkness of evil only makes my joy more complete.

There is a group known as the Blood Reivers who are headed by a despicable fellow named Krand. One of their specialties is slaving. The Sisters indicated that they were currently known to operate in a tunneled city that exists under Ptolus and is known as the Under City. We were able to successfully venture down into the tunnels and one way or another we were able to infiltrate their lair and free the slaves that were held there. Unfortunately we were unable to apprehend the leader or any of his associates. This must be left for another day.

During the time that we were engaging the slavers Kai’Ya Rai was separated from us and appeared to have drunk himself into a stupor. It was only on our return to our former companion, Kolskar’s residence that our navigator of the Under City, Malachi Longshadow identified that Kai’Ya had been poisoned with Waspberry. Even with the study in poisons that I received under your tutelage this was a new poison to me. It turns out that it is an extremely fast acting poison with only one known antidote: Blue Tears. Fortunately I now live in perhaps the worlds leading generator of Blue Tears. The unfortunate part is that Blue Tears is a by-product of the production of the most addictive and demeaning substance: shivil.

Acting on Malachi’s advise we proceeded to approach two of Ptolus’ most despicable denizens Hadrien Runihan and The Stinkman, or Lord B as he prefers to be known. Runihan is a creature of the night who we already are on bad terms with his price was to dispose of The Stinkman. The Stinkman’s price was the destruction of an enemy’s warehouse that he indicated may contain innocents. On investigation of the warehouse it appeared to be occupied only by crates and evil-doers. After a run-in with the occupants it was clear that they were not the kind that bring light into the world and seeing no evidence of innocent lives within we were quick to burn it down. Dealing with Runihan and the Stinkman have left a bitter taste in my mouth. This was only heightened when the Stinkman asked what had happened to the Dwarfs in the warehouse. My soul sunk at the thought that I may have inadvertently brought about the untimely death of these innocents. But it was an honest belief of ours that the warehouse was free of innocents. I cannot allow myself to belabor this point. It will serve only to drive me to further devotion to freeing the innocent and bringing Pelor’s light to shine upon the dark city of Ptolus. With the assistance of my companions we will come through this bitter time. Seeing my personal savior, Kai’Ya live through the night in some way also makes the choices we made seem more palatable but let it never be said that The End Justifies The Means. It is also pleases me that I only had to take one life during this quest and that life was taken swiftly and as cleanly as possible.

I will pay a penance for the lives that may have been lost. Time spent in service of the poor will doubtless be a part of that. And I will dedicate the destruction of Krand and his gang to any poor Dwarfs that may have been taken from this realm.

Your’s in undying faith and humility,


Damnation, my head hurts. Perhaps I should give up attempting to rescue my companions from piles of rock. Next time I will do better, I think. Praise, Pelor that I survived this encounter.

Recovered from personal files of Abbot Anatoly, Order of Protectors of Pelor

The following message was received and decoded by Abbot Anatoly and translated for your convenience.


My apologies for the long absence of communication. I fear I have brought great shame upon the order and upon Pelor Himself. For the past 20 seasons I was held under enchantment by a common criminal and his coterie. Only in the last few months was I freed by a somewhat reluctant Dragonborn hero who refuses to admit that his heart has been touched by the Sun God.

It is only now that I feel established enough to report on my current situation and inform you of the use that your training is being put to. Times have been hard but the blessed light of Pelor has begun to shine on me again and I have found a way to begin to fulfill my calling once more.

When I was freed from captivity I was left with nothing but the most base tools of my trade: mundane weapons, protective clothing and not much more. My amulet was gone and more fundamentally most of my holy training has been lost. The one thing that Pelor had seen fit to allow me to retain was my skill with the sword. This has been no small blessing.

Through the Dragonborn, Pelor has delivered me to the city of Ptolus in the far North of our continent. It is a strange and crowded place that has taken a lot of getting used to. There are believers here who do good work but the place itself is full of the wicked and those they prey upon. Many are simply mercenary, some follow other paths from the gods, but a significant number of the population are enthralled by that which is evil. It is a place that I wish did not exist but now that I am here I understand why The Light of the Holy One brought me here.

I have been led to join a small group of talented people who have been approached by a local order of Holy Sisters to become avengers of justice who can tread where they cannot. The people I have been paired with include the Dragonborn who freed me, a skilled craftsman and warrior, a female ice mage, and a Holy Knight. They have assisted me in gaining contact with the local community of Pelor and I have been blessed with the interest of the local high priest and a truly unique amulet that the high priest was kind enough to bless.

The Sisters have provided me with some useful magical tools, new scimitars, a knife and a concealing sheath. My training is returning to me. The light of the Sun God is shining on me once more and there is plenty of injustice, poverty and darkness to be avenged.

I request your prayers and long for the day when I can visit the mountain again to refresh my training with you and the Brothers but alas by days of wandering the realms do not appear to be at an end…

May His light shine upon you,



I am finally starting to break the remaining chains of the witchery that bound me to my captors.

Since working with the Sisters of Silence I have exercised enough of our discipline that my training is starting to flow back. I have recovered many more skills now that will only prove to aid me in as I fight in the eternal battles bringing the light of Pelor to shine in this dark city.

On a recent mission I was able to join forces with a Druid and Tiefling brawler and two bound to Bahamut, one as a paladin and the other as a self styled avenger of good. Our task was to deliver a young woman with child to sanctuary deep in the forests. It was while out of the city that I started to feel the chains falling from me. We were successful, beating off skeletons and a rock giant in the process.

More reports later. Any news that you can provide of the order and missions that I can perform while here in Ptolus will be much appreciated.

May the light of Pelor shine on you and our brothers wherever they may be,


Naesairs Journal

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